Pool Table & Table Tennis

All About Pool Table Tops

If you are looking for pool table tops then what you are probably interested in is a removable cover with lets you convert the table into something else when you aren’t using it.

The most common of the pool table tops is the kind which allows you to switch it into a table tennis surface. However, there are other types around and one you may not have heard is the pool table top which makes your table into a buffet table. This is great if you have friends over for a night in and want to use the table for putting on without the risk of spillages or other sorts of damage to the pool table felt.

Pool Table Top

Another type of pool table tops which can come in handy converts the surface to a Texas hold em playing table. If you have friends who love card games and pool table games then this can ensure a great night of playing.

Along the same sort of lines is the top which gives you somewhere to play dice games and other sorts of card games.

For a bit of family fun turning pool tables into an air hockey field is a great idea and is really easy to do.

Get More Use Out of the Table

These pool table tops obviously are a great way to get more use out out your table. If you don’t use it all that much then these ideas can help you get your money’s worth out of it and enjoy some great evenings of playing games without even picking up a cue. A lot of the conversion kits which we have mentioned here will fit onto any type of pool table but it is definitely idea to check these details before buying one.

Table Tennis Conversion Top

Let’s face it, we all like choices – in life and in our games. For those with a love of games, a table tennis conversion top could be just the ticket to enjoy several types of recreation. The typical table tennis is big, so big in fact that is often can be folded and stored to make it more practical for household use.

Table Tennis Conversion Top

And often people that have a game room that would accommodate a table tennis, like to have a billiards or pool table as well. That type of room just screams for family fun! With the use of a table tennis conversion top you can enjoy both games in half the space.

The beauty of a table tennis conversion top is that it can be placed on most any flat surface that can support it. So, if you don’t have a pool table, but have a large table, you can easily convert it into a table tennis and begin a game of volleying that little ball in just a short time.

If you are planning to put it on top of your pool table there is little need to worry about scratches since most table tennis conversion tops come with a felt or foam backing that will protect the underlying surface from scratching.

These tops can be used inside the home and outside, which is great in the right climate. The ones made for outdoor use usually have a protective coating that will protect it from the elements and from fading in the sun. However, just remember that anything that is placed outside will show wear and tear faster than items kept indoors. For this purpose, some users recommend that when it is possible you should keep your table tennis conversion top indoors unless you are actually using it outside.

Table tennis conversion tops are recommended mostly for recreational use and not for professional use. Be aware of the dimension of the top and the height of the surface that you are placing it on. Regulation table tenniss are often a different size.

If you were planning to become the next reigning champion at a national ping pong tournament, you will want to hone your skill on a regulation table. However, by using the conversion top, you could experiment with the game and decide if you love playing enough to turn it into your lifelong career.

The best time to buy a table tennis conversion top is during the big winter sales when you can often get thirty to forty per cent savings on new conversion tops.

Sportcraft Table Tennis

The best way for families to spend great times together without so much expense is for them to simply just stay at home. They could cook and eat meals together, watch movies, and play indoor sports. In fact, with the right sports gear and equipment, the family could even invite friends and organize their own tournament at home. Aside from bonding time, indoor sports could also be a good exercise for the whole family. These were some considerations that urged Walter Holdstein to organize The General Sportcraft Company in 1926. Inspired by traditional indoor and lawn games he witnessed during his visits to England, Mr. Holdstein decided to provide the Americans various sports equipment and supplies. Little did he know that he would eventually be catering to the sports needs of the entire world. One of the company’s product hits were the Sportcraft Table Tennis tables. Here are some of the favorite types, if you are looking for a table tennis table price you can afford.

If you’re looking for cheap table tennis tables, the Baseline 2-Piece Sportcraft Table Tennis model is great for adults and children. It is has a two-piece 0.59 inch table top. It is made with tubular steel frame. Its legs are W-shaped with casters for easy storage. It comes with paddles, post and net set, and balls. You can purchase a table tennis cover, but it will cost extra.

Next is the Sportcraft Table Tennis Conversion Top, which is loved by many because it is affordable, compared to full-sized and complete ping pong tables. Plus, it is handy and can be used on other tables. It has a padded back to avoid scratches on table surfaces. Its size is 9ft x 5ft, which is a regulation-sized playing field. It has a net and posts attached, which can be adjusted.

For a full-sized and complete ping pong table with exact the table tennis table dimensions, the Sportcraft X-3000 4PC model is preferred by many because these are cheap table tennis tables. It similarly features a standard 9 x 5 ft size. What makes this model great is its electronic scoring and serve counting system. It also has caster wheels for easy transfers. Lastly, the table is foldable and can easily be stowed away.

For a more advanced use, AMF Fury Sportcraft Table Tennis is a great option. Like the X-3000, it foldable with dual caster wheels on each side of the table. The playing field is one-inch thick, which is water resistant.

Another Sportcraft Table Tennis table that a family might enjoy is the ESPN Table Tennis Pro. This one is stylish and has more features. It comes complete with accessories like the posts, net, paddles and balls. It is has steel legs and a dual locking system with corner caps. It is also foldable.

The Intrepid Sportcraft Table Tennis model is ideal for use by amateurs and professionals because of its exacting measurements patterned on the tournament tables. It is 9 x 5ft in size with a 15mm table top, 31.75 mm apron and about 1.25 inches thick steel legs. It weighs approximately 62 kilos. It has a net and post set and is foldable as well.

Finally, a more costly model is The Grandmaster 3. It is a two-piece Sportcraft Table Tennis. It dons the standard tournament size with 1 inch thick play field. It has 2-inch thick post-style legs. It also has 2.5 inches steel aprons with corner caps and 4-inch lockable casters. This model is foldable yet sturdier compared to the others.